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What To Do If Your Dog Has Allergies

Just like their owners during ragweed season, canine companions can come down with sensitivities, rashes, dry skin and flu-like symptoms due to allergies in their Modesto locale. If you’re not sure if your dog is just under the weather or dealing with an allergic reaction, there are a few things you should look for. If you see them, make an appointment at Turlock Vet to start the healing process.

Here are few common signs that your dog may be suffering from allergies:
Red, irritated patches on places like paw pads, legs, and belly
Frequent scratching with no fleas, flea dirt, or insects present
Vomiting and/or diarrhea, particularly after eating or going outside
Sneezing and/or red, weepy eyes
In general, allergy symptoms in dogs, much like those of their human counterparts, can usually be linked to exposure to the allergen. Consider if anything in your dog’s environment has recently changed – is a new plant or weed cropping up in your Modesto, California yard? Check the Turlock, CA area weather reports to see what the pollen count looks like – if high levels correlate with your pup’s symptoms, it could be a seasonal issue.

Have you changed the laundry detergent you use for their bedding? Are you using a new type of air freshener or cleaning spray around their living area? If so, these may be the culprit. If you notice symptoms directly after your dog eats, he or she may be allergic to an ingredient in the food, such as grain or dairy.

Can I Just Give My Dog Human Medicine?

No- the pill bottles in your medicine cabinet have all been extensively examined and tested – for use in humans. Dog physiology is similar to humans in some ways, but in others it varies so much that what’s helpful or pleasant to a human may be harmful to a dog – consider chocolate’s toxicity to canines, for example. Taking advice from a website that purports to explain which over the counter medicines are “safe” for dogs with allergies is a dangerous move. These websites, unlike your local Modesto vet, don’t know anything about your particular pet – weight, past medical history, age, and so on. Those sites could deliver bad advice that will make your dog even more ill. Trust a medical professional when it comes to medicating your dog – your furry companion will thank you for being smart!

How Do I Find Out if My Dog Has Allergies?

The most foolproof way to find out if allergies are the reason behind your dog’s various symptoms is to ask at your Turlock vet’s office. They’ll be able to observe the symptoms – patches, hair loss, sluggishness, and other issues – and determine if allergies are causing them. They can even perform a panel that will test your dog’s sensitivities to common allergy triggers, and make recommendations for medications or alternate food formulas to help your dog get back to normal in no time.

Just like you, your dog hates sneezing, itching, and feeling “stuffed up” from potential allergies – they just want to feel better. Help them get the relief they deserve by doing research, talking with a vet about options, and finding the right medication or lifestyle change to their tail wagging once more.

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