Pet Wellness Plans - Community Veterinary Clinic Turlock, CAWould you like to know the secret to helping your pet live a long, fulfilling life?

Your pet is part of your family and when it comes to those you love, you want to enjoy as many years together as possible. Wellness care is based on the concept that regular exams and preventative medicine can prolong and improve the quality of your pet’s life. Through routine checkups, vaccinations, parasite control and more, we can keep your pet healthy and happy, both now and well into the future.

An ounce of prevention…
One of the most important components of wellness care is prevention. Because pets have shorter lifespans than people, it’s imperative that we try to stay one step ahead of illness. By protecting your pet against many common risks, we can improve the chances of a longer, healthier life. We will customize our approach to suit your pet’s unique lifestyle. This will provide the greatest level of support and maximize the care we deliver over the years.

Early detection…
Despite our best efforts, occasionally we will not be able to completely prevent certain medical problems. This is another reason why routine wellness visits are so critical. By examining your pet on a regular basis, we are able to quickly identify and diagnose health concerns as soon as they occur. This allows us to address potential problems before they have a chance to develop and worsen, thereby improving the prognosis for your pet.

Developing a lifelong bond…
The third component of wellness care is the opportunity it provides for all of us to become more comfortable with one another. The more we get to know you and your pet, the better we will understand his or her specific needs. This allows us to develop the most effective long-term plan for managing his or her wellbeing. As a bonus, your pet will become much more at ease when visiting with us, making the entire experience better for everyone.

Community Vet Clinic offers basic wellness care as well as pre-packaged wellness plans for pets of all ages. Call us today to schedule your loved one’s next exam and let’s design the perfect strategy for a long, healthy life.

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