Exotic Animal Club_9About 3-4 years ago, my oldest son Greyson wanted to make a YouTube show to teach kids about exotic animals. He named it Animal Life and we filmed the first “episode” the same night. The first episode was about his pet crested geckos. Since then, we have made over a dozen more videos on various species of exotic animals. I do all the filming and editing while Grey and his younger brother Liam (who is in several episodes) researches and comes up with what they want to teach about. The theme for Animal Life is “Kids Teaching Kids.” The boys try to make the shows informative and fun.

Animal Life led to Grey speaking at his school and a few other local schools about exotic animals. Several local teachers now use the videos in their classrooms as well. He was even invited a few years back to give a presentation to a local service group about his show.

Eventually Grey, Liam and I started the Exotic Animal Club for Kids. This club meets every few weeks at Community Veterinary Clinic. The goal of the club is much the same as it was for Animal Life, to teach kids about exotic animals. Like Animal Life, we try to keep it educational and fun. The benefit of the club setting is that we bring in live exotic animals for the kids to see, touch, and learn about. Between our own personal exotic pets and a few great exotic animal rescues, we always have a large amount of critters to chose from to show the kids.

The club is always free and open to any child that wants to learn. All meetings are taught by myself, my kids, and the occasional guest speaker.

– Brandon Barrett

Click here to check out Animal Life on YouTube.

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