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Why Your Dog Keeps Itching Their Ears

why your dog keeps itching their earsDogs are always chewing and itching to a certain extent, even if they are flea-free and well groomed. It’s just in their nature — you probably would as well if you were covered in fur.

However, sometime the itching becomes habitual and this can occur with a dog’s ears, one of their most important senses. If you notice your dog is constantly shaking it’s head and itching it’s ears, there could be a number of things going on. 

5 Reasons Why Your Dog May Be Itching Their Ears


Dogs are especially sensitive to skin allergies. This comes from things that are inhaled, absorbed through the skin or eaten. It can cause their ears to become inflamed and have an excessive amount of wax or secretions that can cause their ears to become incredibly itchy. A way to solve this is to change the dog’s diet or check with your vet about what can be done to soothe this uncomfortable feeling for your canine.


This is also incredibly common in dogs and is incredibly itchy for a dog all over their body, but most particularly in their ears. Yeast infections will often proliferate out of control if not treated and can spread from the ears to the paws to the skin all over the body. Much of this has to do with a dog’s diet, which may be high in sugar. That doesn’t mean the dog is eating sugar, but there may be sugar in their dog food or in the food they are fed from the table or from scraps that they get into on their own. Make sure to get that out of their diet as soon as possible. You also need to stop the infection, which can be done with drops and medicine from the vet, as well as some home remedies — though with the latter, check with your vet first to make sure they are safe.


Ticks and other insects can crawl into a dog’s ear and cause them serious discomfort as well, through biting or just dying and decaying in their ears. So do a check with a flashlight in your dog’s ear and see if you spot any foreign organism that needs to be removed. Usually if this is the reason for the itchiness, you can carefully remove it on your own.


Ears on a dog often pick up a lot of different objects, from sticks to pieces of grass to leaves to bits of debris. Sometimes these things can get stuck in the ear and cause itching to occur, due in part an infection. If you find something like this in your dog’s ear, first remove it and then check for infection. If there is some real infection, a trip to the vet may be necessary.


This is the scary one, as it could be a lump of some kind that is causing the dog to have itchy ears. This will definitely need to be checked out by a vet and obviously tested to make sure it is not cancerous and the sign of something much worse going on, health-wise.

Basically, first check your dogs ears when you notice them itching constantly. Next, if you can be sure what the issue is, head to the vet to solve the problem.

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